Trump might be a malignant narcissist but he has achieved one thing, he has forced the politically correct, third wave feminist, Social Justice Warrior (SJW) and politically correct to openly fight. Trump’s support has come from people who are fed up with political correctness being used to silence dissenting opinion. The inspiration for this post came from this article, Study: Liberals Three Times More Likely Than Conservatives to ‘Unfriend’ on Social Media Over Politics. What is happening is they are being driven into their safe space, this is a good thing.

An SJW’s feelings are more valid than yours

A woman who is a psychiatrist and counselor posted on her social media account after Trump was elected. She stated that after Trump got elected, she has been having nightmares that she will be raped. She then added, her feelings are valid, they are not to be questioned. All of her female patients replied that they are also terrified of being raped due to Trump being elected. I then asked, are your fears valid? Just because Trump has been elected, doesn’t mean that laws have changed. Now that Trump has been elected, if the police see a woman being raped in the street, they will just walk by?

She replied back, her feelings are real, I shouldn’t doubt that her feeling actually exists. I then replied back that I feel her feelings are not based on reality. Her counter argument was that I don’t understand how a woman is more vulnerable than a man, she is in fear of being raped. Here we are having a debate about whose feelings are more valid. Her feelings because she is a woman are more important than mine. Whether or not more women have increased because Donald Trump was elected are not an issue. On the other hand, maybe fewer men have been raped due to Trump getting elected.

Questioning her feelings resulted in her blocking me. I had driven her into her safe space along with all her patients, effectively silencing her. The problem isn’t moderate liberals, it is extreme liberals silencing opposition by with irrationality.

The SJW defines what a safe-space is

Technically I could be defined as a visible minority, members of visible minorities who are demanding extra rights I find offensive. As I showed in How Limousine Liberals perverted the Left the Progressive have redefined they principles of Liberalism. The founding fathers of American where Liberal in that they argued for Truth, Justice, and Equality before the law. They were Liberal in that it went against the prevailing thought of the time. But their justification was the Magna Carta which dates back to 1215, this was the foundation of the modern western legal system.

Yes, the Magna Carta was initially limited equal rights to a small subset of society but the document itself was used to expand rights to other members of society. The American Constitution was based on the ideas of the Magna Carta. The American constitution expanded equal rights to all white men of society, later this same constitution was used to expand equal rights to everyone. The British Empire was not perfect but these principles were used to pass the Slavery Abolition Act 1833 was a start to banning slavery throughout the empire. People forget that it was white men who fought to pass these laws.

The SJW creates victims, I described how this works in Creating Learned Helplessness - Don’t blame the victim. If you are saying women, blacks or other visible minorities need special privileges, indirectly you are saying these groups are inferior. This is a form of racism which is extremely dangerous. But if I state this in an SJW safe-space, I am the racist and I am making the other members of the safe-space feel unsafe. But if I state that it makes me feel unsafe, my feeling or opinions are invalid.

I feel it is unsafe because it causes animosity and resentment between groups. Until the 1950s, there was extreme racism against Jews, Asians, and Blacks. Mordecai Richler a child of an immigrant Jewish Family grew up in the 1940s to 1950s Montreal. The Catholic Priests would regularly give sermons how Jews killed Jesus which would incite Catholic children to throw rocks at Jews. He describes this racism in his fictional book The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz. Despite this racism, Duddy Kravitz works harder. There was similar racism against Asians.

Asians and Jews didn’t get subverted like blacks did by the Limousine Liberal. They argued for equal rights but not for special privileges. By working hard, Eastern Asians and Jews on some levels managed to surpass whites. The irony now is some Asians and Jews want to profit in the race grievance industry which is causing animosity. They are now regressing. This, in my opinion, is unsafe and dangerous. Since I feel visible minorities demanding extra privileges causes animosity and hatred, does that mean it shouldn’t be allowed in the safe space? According to SJW logic, my opinion is hateful, therefore I should not be allowed in the safe space. The SJW defines what is allowed in the safe space and it isn’t dependent on logic only emotions.

When the SJW can’t silence opposing opinions they run away

Earlier I cited the article Study: Liberals Three Times More Likely Than Conservatives to ‘Unfriend’ on Social Media Over Politics. It stated:

Nearly one-quarter (24%) of Democrats say they blocked, unfriended, or stopped following someone on social media after the election because of their political posts on social media. Fewer than one in ten Republicans (9%) and independents (9%) report eliminating people from their social media circle. Political liberals are also far more likely than conservatives to say they removed someone from their social media circle due to what they shared online (28% vs. 8%, respectively). Eleven percent of moderates say they blocked, unfollowed, or unfriended someone due to what they posted online…Only five percent of Americans say they are planning on spending less time with certain family members because of their political views. Democrats, however, are five times more likely than Republicans to say they are trying to avoid certain family members due to their political views (10% vs. 2%, respectively). The pattern among political independents mirrors the general population.

The SJW is passive aggressive and they project their feelings and emotions onto others. If you make a statement which differs from their concept of reality, they will call you bitter, angry etc. They are thinking how they would feel if they had that version of reality. Their solution is to avoid alternative belief systems. By causing an SJW to unfriend you or block you, you are driving them into their safe space.

Driving the SJW into their safe space means you are silencing them

The SJW usually works by misrepresenting or re-framing the truth. An example of this is the Violence Against Women laws. The SJW and hardcore feminist will frame it as men beat women. Men beating women is unquestionably wrong. Therefore anyone who opposes Violence Against Women laws wants to beat women. The hardcore feminist denies the fact that women abuse men. The law itself is sexist because it mentions gender.

People who want rights without responsibilities are like adolescents who want the rights to the car without the responsibilities for the payments, the gas, the insurance, or the repairs. A person who talks more about women’s rights than responsibilities is not an adult feminist, but an adolescent feminist. Does Feminism Discriminate Against Men?: A Debate

The hardcore feminist or SJW wants extra privileges without responsibilities. If we go back to the original principles of the United States, Truth, Justice, and Equality before the law. Even if women are more likely to rape and abuse women, the question is do they have equality before the law? The fact is, hard-core feminists have intentionally suppressed facts like this How male victims of domestic abuse often end up getting arrested themselves. Even in countries where Islamic law exists, there is evidence to show that men there are just as often victims of domestic abuse.

You will not change the opinion of a radical feminist but you are fighting over the views of the moderates. Once the moderate has seen the facts, there is a possibility he might change his opinion. If you have already driven the SJW into their safe space, this means they can not counter your arguments with lies or shaming tactics.

How to drive the SJW into their safe space?

So don’t wait for anyone else to do anything. Talk to a few friends. Kick around a few ideas. Send a few emails. Create a few Twitter memes and see if the spark happens to catch anyone’s interest. Don’t expect your target to come tumbling down, just start the process. Whether you succeed or not – and remember, #GamerGate has had far more abortive ops and ineffective failures than successes—the point is that you have taken a stand and you have struck a blow. And because you have done so, someone else will do so as well. It’s impossible to know which one action will turn out to be effective, just as it’s impossible to know which straw will be the one to snap the camel’s back. But you do know this: the only action that is completely ineffective is the one that is never taken.
Because SJWs are primarily dependent upon other people’s money, that is a weak point that should always be your first target. Dig to discover where they are obtaining their money, then focus your efforts on the funding source to cut off the flow of funds to them. Sometimes this will require political pressure, as many SJW institutions receive state, local, or federal government funds. Sometimes private pressure and a persuasive word in the ear of the relevant executive will suffice. But regardless, remember that every journey requires an initial step, and no one can take that first step except you. SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police

A Vox Day states, from their comments on social media, most SJW appear to be suffering from a mental illness where they are easily triggered. According to their social media accounts, they often are on some sort of antidepressant etc. Probably they are on these medications since they have problems facing reality. Just posting memes on your social media account can cause the SJW to block you. This then serves a second purpose, SJW depends on appearing to be the voice of the majority. If you post a meme, if other people like it or share it, that breaks this illusion.

No one likes to look like a fool, this includes politicians, business leaders etc. Even if you do not vote, it can still have a profound effect. All leaders, even in dictatorships are worried about status. For decades, China denied having forced labor camps or what they called re-education through labor. As China’s trade with the outside world increased, some of the products of these camps thought being exported. Some of the prisoners started to write on the products, this product has been created with forced labor. Finally, China has admitted that these forced labor camps exist and now they, amazingly enough, have officially abolished them. China abolishes its labour camps and releases prisoners

Possibly these labor camps still exist in China but they no longer can detain as many people. The point is even the elite of dictatorship regimes need to worry about self-image.

Further directions

You can create your own memes and see what happens. It just takes a few minutes, post the meme online see how far it goes. Experiment with it, have fun. You read an article on the internet, make a meme from it, see what happens. Major social media sites are caught in a bind. If they start to censor too much, they will start to lose users. Loss of users means loss of revenue. Feminists and Progressives have fifty plus year more experience fighting. This doesn’t mean the battle is lost, it just means we need to catch up and develop better tactics.

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