The Social Justice Warrior pushes an agenda of of views like third wave feminism and political correctness. With third wave feminism, they do not promote equal rights between the genders, instead, they promote that women need privileges before the law while men so have their rights reduced. If someone questions their beliefs or agenda they will be attacked meanwhile if a third wave feminist makes a comment like all men should be killed, questioning her views means you hate women. You are probably thinking, why do I need to worry? I am always careful to say politically correct things, I never offend anyone, it can’t happen to me. You then open your social media account, you see a meme with your photo on it calling you a racist asshole for a statement you made taken out of context. Or your boss asks could he talk to you, he then tells you that there is a sexual misconduct complaint against you. If you are a university student, an administrator asks to speak to you, to your shock, you are accused of rape. All of these people were like you, they thought just because they are innocent, these attacks can not happen to them. This post will describe how to survive one of these attacks. But first, we have to examine the psychology behind your possible attackers.

The psychology of the social justice warrior

The Social Justice Warrior (SJW) needs to maintain the narrative that they are a victim. Being a victim them entitles them to special privileges or large amounts of government money. They need to maintain this illusion or their source of money or special privileges will be lost. To prevent this from happening, any opinion which questions their narrative must be silenced. The SJW rarely fights directly, instead, they pretend to be the victim and then encourage white knights to attack the person who questions their narrative. White knights are usually men who feel guilty for the allegedly special status they have. They inherently want to rescue the person who is the victim to gain virtue.

The SJW relies mainly on emotion as opposed to logic when a black lives matter mob goes on a looting and burning rampage, they are reacting to emotion as opposed to logic. Emotion originates from our animal brains, with mobs it causes them to behave like a pack of wild dogs. The tactics used by the SJW are similar to those used by an organization like the Spanish Inquisition or Salem witch trials. Accuse someone of witchcraft, then once the fury of the mob is aroused, turn the person over to a governing body. The people cheering as the witch was burned as individuals probably would never have done this unless they were part of a mob.

Have you noticed the unchanged pattern of outrage that manifests from the black community whenever a black life is taken by a white person, especially a white cop? Also, have you noticed that the same culture-vultures arrive without hesitation to gluttonously feast during these incidents? They figuratively pick apart the black body until it’s a carcass — leaving nothing for bacteria to decompose. These opportunists are arsonists dressed as first responders, and their mission is to start racial infernos. In other words, they racialize not harmonize.

Undoubtedly, you’ve noticed this trend — even if you’re a bleeding-heart liberal.

One must understand that these “call to action” reactions are not spontaneous; they’re calculated maneuvers promoted by an ever-present Race Grievance Industry — an industry whose only product is victimhood… and it’s manufactured without pause.

The Race Grievance Industry’s sole purpose is to profit from racial strife under the guise of pursuing racial peace. Its modus operandi is rooted in a lie that refuses to die: blacks are permanent victims of racism and no amount of effort will overcome it. The lie is rinsed and repeated in different ways, but the message remains unchanged — America is a racist labyrinth specifically designed to stifle black advancement. Black Lies Matter: Why Lies Matter to the Race Grievance Industry

Whether it third wave feminists, the race grievance industry or limousine liberals, in general, the message remains the same. In Taleeb Starkes’s America is a racist labyrinth specifically designed to stifle black advancement replace the words racist with patriarchal and black with women, you now have a description of third wave feminism. To explain why black or women advancement allegedly hasn’t happened they invent justifications like micro-aggressions.

microaggression - a statement, action, or incident regarded as an instance of indirect, subtle, or unintentional discrimination against members of a marginalized group such as a racial or ethnic minority.

Microaggressions are brilliant invention ask a person with a Hispanic name and who looks Hispanic, are you good at cooking tacos? This question is a microaggression, it means subconsciously I hate Hispanics, my hatred is buried so deep that I don’t even know I hate Hispanics. This is what causes Hispanics to fail. Meanwhile, a member of the victim class is allowed to make blanket statements by allegedly entitled classes. The point behind this is logic doesn’t work.

As the book Black Lies Matter: Why Lies Matter to the Race Grievance Industry shows, Obama who is half black is black because he pushes the Race Grievance Industry message. Obama’s father was a member of the Kenyan elite, he attended elite schools, the ancestors of his father probably sold black slaves to slave traders. Meanwhile Condellesa Rice, despite growing up under Jim Crow laws, is the descendant of black American Slaves, she isn’t really black since she doesn’t push the Race Grievance Industry message.

White policeman kills a black gangster who has an illegal gun and a criminal record, the black gangster is a victim of racism. Black lies matter immediately organize a looting and pillaging protest. A young black school girl who gets killed in the crossfire of two drug-dealing black gangs fighting, this isn’t important, since it doesn’t match the agenda of the race grievance industry. The book Black Lies Matter: Why Lies Matter to the Race Grievance Industry shows countless examples of innocent black people getting killed by other blacks, to the point where it got repetitive. Instead of attacking the root cause which is black criminals, black lies matter blames white people. In exchange certain groups profit. The point is using logic doesn’t work when talking to SJW or defending yourself. Now that you have an understanding of the psychology of an SJW, what type of people do they attack?

The SJW attacks people they perceive as weak and vulnerable.

At the start of this post, I stated that anyone can be a victim of an SJW attack. If you think that doing all the correct things protects you, it doesn’t. Their rationale is similar to the secret police in Eastern European countries. In my post Breaking out of the machine I talked about the Good Soldier Svejk. In one of the early chapters of the book, he is sitting in a pub having a beer with a secret policeman. The pub owner did all the right things to avoid being entrapped by the secret police, he even hung a portrait of Emperor King behind the bar. Svejk then points out to the secret policeman that there are fly spots on the emperor’s portrait. Fly spots are actually excrement from flies, this is a sign that the bar owner secretly despises the emperor or else why would he let flies shit on his picture? The pub owner is then arrested by the secret police and sentenced to 10 years in prison. The point is, the SJW like the secret police can find any excuse for an offense. Fortunately, unlike Eastern European countries of the past, we enjoy a fairly good justice system.

Normal people assume that SJWs are inclined to take on their ideological opponents, people like me. But the truth is that although they certainly don’t like those they invariably label “right-wing extremists”, for the most part, they leave us alone because we are impervious to their influence. Oh, they will certainly complain about us, take advantage of any tactical missteps on our part, and block us on Twitter, but they very seldom make the sort of concerted effort that one saw in the hounding of Brandon Eich or the metaphorical stoning of Dr. James Watson because they know their efforts will largely be futile.
Instead, they prey on the naïve and the unsuspecting. They prey on the moderates, the middle-grounders, and the fence-sitters. They prey on people like you: good, decent individuals who try to treat everyone fairly and who can’t even imagine having done anything that anyone could possibly find objectionable.
Why? Because soft targets are always easier to destroy than hard ones. It’s much easier to put pressure on someone who works for a university or a large corporation because the attacking SJW knows that he can count on the support of fellow SJWs in the faculty or the Human Resources department. The bigger the organization, the more likely there is a code of conduct containing nebulous terms that the SJW can claim were violated in some way, shape, or form.
And perhaps most importantly, a target who is psychologically unprepared for being attacked is much more likely to throw up his hands and run away. Look at the list of people above. Aside from the police officer, do any of them strike you as even being right of political center, much less a right-wing extremist? In particular, observe that Watson, Eich, and Hunt all resigned. They were not psychologically ready to deal with the social pressure that is the chief weapon in the SJW arsenal and all three of them rapidly crumbled before it. SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police

Vox Day is saying that SJWs never attack strong targets like extremists, instead they attack soft targets, like moderates and fence-sitters. The rational is similar to Stalin’s purges during the great terror during the 1930s in the Soviet Union. The purpose is to prevent people from publically supported people who openly oppose their view. The SJW like Stalin realizes the importance of removing opposing opinions. Like Stalin, they will regularly purge their own members. Ghomeshi a popular CBC radio regularly supported the SJW beliefs. Later he was charged with sexual harassment of women, even though the charges were dropped, he was dismissed from the CBC. Even though he was found innocent in a court of law, for the SJW thought police this doesn’t matter. No one is safe including their own members.

The SJW attack unsuspecting and what they perceive weak targets because they rely upon intimidating the victim. Unlike Stalin, the SJW do not have actual legal power, they require other systems to do their dirty work for them. Also as part of their tactics, they require their scapegoat to apologize and admit guilt. This requires a weak target who can be panicked. If a victim of an SJW attack, the first thing to do is remain calm, don’t panic.

What do to if you are a victim of an SJW attack

If you are a victim of an SJW attack these are the steps which you need to take. You can be a victim of an SJW attack anywhere, it might be a comment which you made on social media, an SJW who wants to get revenge on you. If you are in a dispute with an SJW, if they are guilty they will immediately scream racism, sexism etc. Unfortunately, since the SJW is always crying wolf, people who are real victims of rape, racism, sexism etc are no longer taken seriously.

  1. Rely on the Three Rs: RECOGNIZE it is happening. REMAIN calm. REALIZE no one cares.
  2. Don’t try to reason with them.
  3. Do not apologize.
  4. Accept your fate.
  5. Document their every word and action
  6. Do not resign
  7. Make the rubble bounce.
  8. Start nothing, finish everything.
    from SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police

These are the basic steps on how to deal with an SJW attack. I will elaborate on them based on my experience. In the Philippines there are Filipinos who join Facebook groups, they have two goals, the first is to attempt to put a positive spin on the negative parts of Filipino culture the second is to silence opponents. To silence opponents they use racism coupled with white guilt. Except for a three-year occupation by the Japanese during WW2, from 1898 to 1946 the Philippines was a US territory. To be able to fight off an SJW attack, one must know how their opponent thinks.

Know as much about your opponent as possible

Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories. Sun Tzu

During the 2016 American election campaign, Trump accused Mexico and other countries of exporting labor to the USA. In 2015, Mexican remittances from Mexicans working abroad was $24.8 billion up 4.75% from 2014 or 1.8% of the GDP. With the Philippines, in 2015, remittances from Filipinos working abroad was $26.92 billion up 6.2% from 2014 or 8.5% of the GDP. These are official figures, they do not count money taken back in the form of cash when the immigrant goes to his country on vacation etc. In both countries, their economies rely heavily on remittances, in Mexico remittances bring in more revenue than oil.

The second claim of Trump is that the exportation of labor means they have no incentive to fix their own problems. They are exporting their problems to other countries. Some Filipinos are starting to realize this, they are lobbying the Filipino government to remove foreign investment restrictions etc. Instead of blaming their problems on foreigners and playing the victim, start addressing problems. As I showed in my post Filipino paradox - extremely honest but extremely dishonest, Filipinos due to their culture do not like addressing problems. But there are some Filipinos who are speaking out and saying the culture has to change.

The book Migrants for Export: How the Philippine State Brokers Labor to the World shows how the Filipino government lobbies other governments like USA, Canada, Australia etc to lower immigration requirements. It also shows how the Filipino immigrant or overseas worker is indoctrinated to send back remittances to the Philippines. The book was originally a university thesis and was written by a Filipino American. Meanwhile, the Filipino government denies rights to foreigners here, any criticism by a foreigner of the Philippines is illegal.

The Filipino never lets the American forget about the alleged exploitation that occurred during this time. Compared to other colonizers of the era, by 1902, Filipinos were allowed to elect representatives. As the economic paper The Philippine Economic Mystery the quality of life for the Filipino increased by every measure under the Americans. The Americans even implemented land reform, confiscating the Catholic Church’s land to be distributed among the people. The Americans constructed roads, railways, build hospitals to wipe out disease, build schools and universities. The quality of life for the Filipino improved in every measure and by 1946 the Philippines had the second best economy in Asia. The paper then shows the economic decline started in 1946 and the reason is culture. Ironically, the biggest perpetrators of the American exploitation myth are Filipino universities established by Americans.

How the Filipino SJW attacks

The goal of the SJW is to silence all opposition to their opinions by using guilt, shaming tactics, threats or legal measures. The Filipino SJW looks for slights or criticisms. In some cases, they are even comical. Jimmy Sieczka made a comical youtube video entitled 20 reasons I dislike the Philippines earlier he had made a youtube video entitled 20 reasons I like the Philippines. Some Filipinos took offense to the video 20 reasons I dislike the Philippines, some people demanded he should be declared persona non grata. The accusation was so ridiculous that many Filipinos came to his defense Does Jimmy deserve persona non grata?.

A Thai national in the Philippines on a social media post called Filipinos, Pignoys. He then was shamed on social media, there were calls for him to be deported, Thai who called Pinoys ‘pignoys’ fired from job. Later after his apology, he was forced into an agreement he should be voluntarily deported. Meanwhile, there is no outcry when Filipinos call all foreigner pedophiles and sex perverts. The is no outcry when Filipinos lie about history to make other countries look bad. The Filipino SJWs then started commenting how great they stood up to foreigners. This is coming from a country which is dependent on remittances and foreign aid.

How the attack on me went down

Filipino SJWs infiltrate Filipino Expat groups on Facebook. The purpose is two-fold, the first is to make excuses for negative aspects of Filipino culture. The second is to provoke arguments with foreigners who talk about the negative aspect of Filipino culture. They then attempt to get expats with liberal leanings to support them. As one Filipino SJW said, he enjoys watching foreigners fight among themselves. If the Filipino SJW can’t win with logic, they resort to name calling and generalizations about foreigners.

I got into an argument with a couple of Filipino SJW, it was shortly after the Thai was deported. I suspect that they were the ones for getting the Thai deported or possibly they got the idea from the group that got the Thai deported. I complained about a certain aspect of Filipino culture. The Filipino SJW standard comeback is foreigners should be ever so grateful to be in the Philippines. The next comment is if you don’t like it here, leave. I replied, get your 660,000 pieces of Filipino garbage out of Canada, each one costs the Canadian government $6,000 per year and I will leave. Canada does not need Filipino garbage. They then denied that Filipino immigrants do not cost Canada that much I cited this report Immigrants cost $23B a year: Fraser Institute report.

When the SJW loses they resort to threats, this case was no exception. They then threatened to report me to immigration. I told them, that is proof why we should not allow Filipino garbage in Canada. Filipino garbage in Canada complains about racism, they are allowed to publically state their complaints while Canadians in the Philippines have zero rights. Approximately 30 minutes later, I spotted a meme with my photo on it, the statements I had made on facebook calling Filipinos garbage. The meme was stated that I should not be allowed to stay in the Philippines. Unknowingly I then followed these steps.

1. Rely on the Three Rs: RECOGNIZE it is happening. REMAIN calm. REALIZE no one cares.

I was angry as opposed to scared. I then recognized that they were attempting to do the same thing to me as what happened to the Thai. By posting into different Filipino groups, they were attempting to incite Filipinos. I realized once I am under attack, there was nothing anyone else can do. They were meanwhile continuing to post to more Filipino groups.

2. Don’t try to reason with them.

In this case, it was a social media attack. It is difficult to identify your attacker. Inherently most people have a sense of fairness. An SJW doesn’t, they are out for blood. Any reasoning is a waste of time.

3. Do not apologize.

The SJW needs someone else to do their dirty work for them. Apologizing is an admission of guilt. Under normal circumstances, in a court or law for example, if the apology is genuine, it can result in a reduced sentence etc. In every SJW attack, when the person apologized, this was used as an admission of guilt. This was then used against the person. In the case of the Filipino SJW, he wants the foreigner to feel ever so grateful for Filipinos allowing in their country to spend money.

4. Accept your fate.

Since this was happening on social media, things were moving a lot quicker. Approximately 30 minutes had passed since the meme about me started to appear. I then realized that there was a good chance that if they got a large enough crowd against me, immigration might take action. I possibly might be deported. Therefore I came to the conclusion since I might get deported I had nothing to lose. The best defense is an offense.

5. Document their every word and action

I then started to take screen shots of the message exchange that had happened in the facebook group. My thinking is they might delete some of the messages etc. That way, if charges were laid against me, I would have the defense I was provoked. In the case of the Thai national, I don’t know what caused him to state Filipinos where Pignoys. He had no defense.

6. Do not resign

Vox Day, in this case, is talking about if they are attacking your employment. In my case, I would have forced them to put charges against me, and take it to court. Make their job as difficult as possible. SJW do not have direct power themselves. Possibly people might secretly agree with you but because of their jobs or positions, they can not publicly agree with you. In the case of the Thai, he agreed to apologize and then he agreed to allow himself to be deported.

7. Make the rubble bounce.

Whether you survive the attempted purge or whether you don’t, it’s very important to observe who has defined himself as an ally, an enemy, or a neutral party during the process. The choices people make will pleasantly surprise you about as often as they disappoint you. Once everyone’s choices have been made clear, your task is simple. Target the enemy at every opportunity. Hit them wherever they show themselves vulnerable. Play as dirty as your conscience will permit. Undermine them, sabotage them, and discredit them. Be ruthless and show them absolutely no mercy. This is not the time for Christian forgiveness because these are people who have not repented, these are people who are trying to destroy you and are quite willing to harm your family and your children in the process. Take them down and take them out without hesitation. SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police

The only rules are whatever you do, it should be legal. All moral considerations fly out the window. The SJW will use any means to attack you. Ideally, you need to attack him in a way which causes potential financial damage and shame.

The flaw of the moderate is thinking if you treat the other person fairly, they will treat you fairly. In the case of the SJW, they are after special privileges from governments but they do not want to provide anything in return. In this case, moderates can actually be your worse enemy. Since the SJW relies on sympathy and emotion instead of facts, the moderate will tell you to follow the rules while he allows the SJW to break the rules. Moderates will make statements like don’t provoke them, if you treat them nicely, they will treat you nicely etc. Moderate are nice people but they are naive.

Things will then split into allies, neutral and enemies. The people that are neutral, possibly they might secretly support you but they are scared of possible repercussions if they speak out. Leave them alone. With allies, take whatever allies you can get. With gamergate, Vox Day is an Evangelical Christian. One of his allies was Roosh who Vox Day described as a hedonistic playboy. Having allies will spread out the SJW attacks but come to your allies aid if possible.

The weakness of the Filipino SJW is the Philippines relies heavily on remittances from USA, Canada, Australia etc. So in my case, I took the meme against me and made it into a new meme. I put on it, Filipino idea of equality is Filipino Canadians parasite off the Canadian government $6000 per a year each, while Canadian veteran in the Philippines should have zero right. Do you want Filipinos in your country?. I then started posting as fast as I could to as many Filipino groups as possible. The response ranged from people making excuses for the behavior to agreeing with me. They then started to debate among themselves.

Do you think that sounds too harsh? That’s probably because you haven’t had the experience of SJWs intentionally trying to end your career yet. It’s remarkable of how your perception of what is fair and what is not will change once you’ve seen what the SJWs are willing to do. SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police

Honestly, I feel for Filipinos and other people who are forced to migrate to other countries to feed their families. The problem is, certain people, do not want to address the problems. There are Filipino Americans etc who are saying Filipinos in the USA should stop playing the victim etc. On the other hand, there are Filipino Americans who profit from encouraging migration. But in this case, I am playing for life and death.

As Vox Day said, sometimes you will be surprised at how easily the SJW will break. An hour later a few people messaged me, they asked to see urls of the meme against me. To my surprise, they the people who had put them up had started to delete them. I suspect that one of the people behind the attack was a Filipino American when he saw his employment might be in danger, he started to delete the meme. I then started to delete mine.

8. Start nothing, finish everything.

The mistake of the Thai national is that he randomly posted an offensive remark on social media without any provocation. In my case, I was responding to an attack on my ideas. Should I have called Filipinos garbage? Honestly no, but in my opinion, sometimes if you speak nicely, no one listens. But if possible keep things on a more civil tone. Surprisingly quite a few Filipinos private messaged me, they agreed with me but because of their employment or positions, they can not speak out.

Always be prepared to take it as far as necessary. The SJW wants blood, he wants to show what happens when people speak out. So in my case, I was willing to risk being charged and possibly deported. If I am deported, I would be willing to continue the fight.

The SJW always wants to incite violence or threats, don’t fall into that trap. They can use it for legal action against you. If you avoid this trap, often they then resort to direct threats, you, then you can use that to shame them. The SJW caters to morality hence use their own actions to shame them. Economic pressure through influence is stronger.

The importance of being antifragile.

In this case, there are two types of antifragile, financially and mentally. For people that work for corporations, educational institutions, the government etc. The SJW will always target your employment to put pressure on them to fire you. Within the organization, they will attempt to make you resign. They do not want to actually terminate you because of possible legal action or being forced to pay severance. In this case, refuse to resign, force them to terminate you. Do not make the SJW job easy for him.

To handle these things, one must be antifragile mentally. This means being able to handle the pressure of conflict. Some people are not able to handle open conflict. It’s understandable.

The SJW thought police are not all powerful

In the past, the SJW was able to achieve a lot because they went unchallenged. The reason why they could go unchallenged is because of a monopoly of information. Social media and the Internet has changed this. Today it is harder to keep secrets. Most of you probably are too young to remember the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989. China was starting to open up to the west, so there were some foreign journalists there. Originally the reports coming out of China were vague, there is some sort of protest in China. If I remember correctly, it wasn’t until several days later that photographs of the protests started to appear on western news media. It didn’t become evident what was happening to the rest of the world until a week later. Possibly these photographs were smuggled out of China, it was easier for Chinese authorities to shut off communication with the rest of the world.

By contrast today, even in a totalitarian regime like China, thanks to the Internet and Smart Phones it is getting difficult to hide things. A person can take a photograph or video, 30 seconds later it’s on the Internet. China itself is caught in a bind, they need to trade with the west, if they cut off the Internet, they can not longer trade with western countries. People within China have a disposable income, that means they can vote with their wallets. This indirectly can affect government policy.

Further directions

Vox Day’s book SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police talks about his experiences with gamergate. Honestly, I found that part of the book boring, I skimmed over that part. As he says, the SJW have gone unchallenged since they 1990s, as a result it is assumed they are unbeatable. He has good ideas but they need to be developed and he admits that. As he said, better tactics need to be developed, in my opinion, we need to use the SJW tactics but improve on them. At the time, I didn’t see the importance of gamergate but it shows to a degree the SJW can be beaten.

Emma Sulkowicz, commonly known as Mattress Girl) used extreme shaming tactics against her accuser. He refused to give in to these shaming tactics. It would not call it a victory but he wasn’t harmed as badly as other’s who gave in. Since he never gave in, some mainstream news media sites started criticizing Emma Sulkowicz. This casts doubt on all SJW. If he had marched like a willing lamb to the slaughter, he would be worse off. I will expand on my ideas in future posts.

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