Finding better solutions by thinking inside the box

Finding better solutions by thinking inside the box

In my previous post, I talked about how The journey is more important than the destination, it is only by experiencing can we learn how to overcome obstacles. In this post, I will teach you a practical method to finding solutions while on your journey. I will also talk about going on an adventure where you will enjoy having sex with random women with large mammary glands; I also will provide graphic details of these sexual trysts. Sex sells. Ok, I lied to you, but you can use the information from this post on how to increase your chances of having sex with women with large mammary glands if you desire, or you can use it to improve your odds of success in all of your endeavors. Learning how to overcome obstacles comes from thinking inside the box.

Limits increase creativity

People will repeat things that sound good, even if they defy logic. A friend asks me for help with a problem, I instinctively reply, we need to think outside the box. That feels good; it conjures up images of a freethinker, a rebel, someone who isn’t controlled by the system. As Dan Ariely the author of Predictably Irrational, Revised and Expanded Edition: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions the only thing predictable about human beings is we are irrational. After giving that advice, I would then find a solution by thinking inside the box.

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The journey is more important than the destination

Why watch a movie like Apollo 13 ? I already know the plot, astronauts get stranded in space, smart NASA guys figure out a solution, astronauts return to earth. I know what will happen, why watch the movie ? A related question, why did we evolve to enjoy the listening and telling for stories ? I will share my thoughts on these questions and in the process explain why the journey is more important then the destination.

Why did we evolve to enjoy stories ?

Related to this question, what evolutionary advantage did long term memory give us ? Our brains use 20% of our energy requirements, this is more then any other animal. Most of the energy is expended processing and storing events. What advantage could an 80 year old man have remembering his 5th birthday party ? Curious, I decided to research the answer to what appears to be an obvious question. A simplistic answer is, memory allows us to use the outcomes of previous events to predict future events. Why did we evolve to enjoy stories ? Stories allow us to transfer information between human beings, it allows us to share our experiences.

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Reframing - the progressives secret weapon

The progressives, as liberals or leftists prefer to call themselves nowadays, started as the underdogs. Women and minorities originally had limited rights despite men and whites being in power they managed to gain equal rights. The regardless whether a liberal or conservative government was in power they managing to gain even more privileges. Even when caught in scandals, leftist politicians get away with it unscathed. Sarah Champion, the leftist shadow minister for domestic violence, was caught physically abusing her husband. Instead of the public demanding she resign, she managed to keep her position. Do the progressives have some secret weapon ? Something that can shift perceptions of reality ?

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Confront fear - Gain freedom

What do a Buddhist nun and an influence expert have in common ? They both understand human nature. Before reading the two quotes, disengage your logical circuits from your emotional circuits. A technique I use is pretending that I am a visitor from outer space. I have been sent to planet Earth, my mission is to document the behavior of human beings. This is vital, a person recently asked me for book suggestions. I suggested Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior. His replied that he didn’t buy into Eastern Philosophies. I do not buy into Stalinist feminist Philosophies but I read their works so I can learn their techniques. Now that you have disengaged your logical circuits from your emotional ones, let us proceed.

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The Female Brain - a manipulation machine

When I was a youngster, I knew an older married couple named Charles and Edna. Everyone commented, “Isn’t it terrible how Charles verbally abuses Edna ? He bosses her around constantly”. Naively I pointed out “But Edna always gets what she wants”. “Your just a kid, what do you know ?” they replied. Instinctively I knew that Edna was the one controlling things, everyone else was wrong. How did Edna manipulate Charles to get what she wanted ? How did she fool everyone ?

When Edna wanted something, the conversation went like this.

Edna : Charles why don’t we buy some new curtains ?
Charles : Edna you stunned cunt, our curtains are perfectly fine.
Edna : Yes Charles, you are right, our curtains are perfectly fine.

Charles would then gloat. He had won the argument. A few minutes later Edna would continue the conversation.

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Get rid of unrealistic social expectations to alleviate loneliness

In my previous post,The The dangerous soulmate myth, I examined how this myth is part of the belief that external factors can fix our incomplete psyche. The symptoms of an incomplete psyche is a psychological disorder which is called loneliness. Contrary to popular belief, loneliness is not dependent on the number of social interactions a person has. A person can have many friends and acquaintances and yet still feel lonely. This post will provide solutions on how you can tackle the problem of loneliness.

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The dangerous soulmate myth

The dangerous soulmate myth has existed for thousands of years and has been the basis for countless stories. They all have a similar plot. Man has an incomplete psyche or ego. The symptoms of this psychological disorder are loneliness and lack of purpose in his life. Then one day he meets a woman who completes his psyche. His mental disorder is fixed and they live happily ever after.

The myth is dangerous because is makes the incorrect assumption that loneliness and lack of self purpose are caused by external factors as opposed to internal factors. It encourages a person to waste their time looking for a soulmate when they could be leading a fulfilling life by themselves. Eventually they might find a person who they believe is their soulmate. To their dismay after the euphoria has worn off after a few years they find out that the loneliness is still there. Surveys show that 40% of people in marriages report they are lonely.

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The ancient magical kingdom is a dangerous myth. Things are actually getting better - the bluepill wants you to think otherwise.

A common theme is “Once upon a time in a long ago magical kingdom” story. This is a common theme that existed for thousands of years, one of the earliest examples is the “Garden of Eden story”. Mankind lived in paradise and then due to a cruel twist of fate we where cast out of this paradise, and now we are attempting to get back into this paradise. The Garden of Eden type story is dangerous, because it being used to market a bluepill religion. The underlying message of the story is that if you join this particular religion, you will return to this paradise.

The ideas of this post came from a series of discussions with neoreactionsafe and a post made by burritohunter. In burritohunter’s post he pointed analysed the methods used Walt Disney when he setup disneyland. But he started his message with Not many on TRP seem very knowledgeable of the historical shift that allowed the Blue Pill narrative to become a mainstream phenomenon which is a variant of the once upon a time message. I then pointed out that Disneyland in 2016 operated the same way as the Vatican operated in 1416. But we both missed the obvious.

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Control the frame and you control the discussion

Sun Tzu in the Art of War talks extensively about terrain, and how the General maneuvers his troops so the enemy is forced to fight on terrain where he no longer has the advantage. Mao Zedong was a master at this, he took Sun Tzu’s work and applied it to guerrilla warfare. His Little Red Book deals extensively on how a guerrilla force should maneuver itself so the stronger conventional army no longer has the advantage.

Frame is equivalent to the terrain which you are fighting on right now, re-framing is maneuvering your forces to terrain where your forces have the advantage. To force your enemy to get to the frame where you have the advantage, you might have to go through a series of intermediate frames. The greatest military upsets occurred when the General was able to force his opponent to fight on his frame, examples of this are Mao Zedong and Stalingrad. The book “War of the Rats” which the movie “Enemy at the Gates” is based on, shows how the Soviets forced the Germans to fight a war amongst the rubble of Stalingrad, once the did this the Germans lost their advantage and the outcome was a foregone conclusion.

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What Men fail to understand, Men solve, Women affirm

The biggest mistake men make when dealing with women is this. Men want someone to help them solve their problems, women want someone to listen to their problems. When my psychologist friend told me this, I was perplexed, why would you tell someone your problems if you didn’t want help solving them ? To answer that question, we will have to take a few detours before we can get to the answer. This will then lead us to several conclusions.

My friend, who had over 40+ years of practical experience in the field, said next time when you are observing two women or more talking with each other, stop talking, shut down your brain and listen to what they are actually saying. As in, instead of thinking of how you will counter their arguments, pay attention and listen.Most people, instead of changing their belief system to fit the facts, change the facts to fit their belief system. Taleb in his book Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder compares this to Procrustes a mythical Greek innkeeper who would stretch or cut off the legs of his guests so they would fit into his beds perfectly. He gives example of how highly intelligent people including scientists are subconsciously do this.

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