A long time ago when the internet was young there was a guy named Fravia. He had published a series of cracking essays on a hacked compuserve account. What is interesting is Fravia cracked the account then emailed the owner, saying he had hacked the account and asked the owner of the account if he could use it. The owner agreed that Fravia could use the account.

Cracking in this case refers to removing the protection on software, the essays that Fravia published came from a person that called himself ORC (Old red cracker). What set the essays appart from others essays is their technical brilliance and that the essays where comprised of two parts.

The first part usually described how society social engineers people, and how we can avoid being social engineered. At the time the term social engineering did not exist. Also ORC believed that being able to find these cracks required a certain mindset or way of looking at things. The second part of the essays consisted of how to technically remove the software protection.

Who is ORC is of considerable debate. Over a several year period he published approximately 10+ essays. And then he just disappeared. Some people believe that Fravia was actually ORC, much effort was spent attempting to track down ORC, within the essays themselves are red herrings to disguise his identitity.

Myself I accidentially stumbled on Fravia’s site, I knew very little about computers, the internet etc. But I was intrigued by his site and his essays. It was Fravia and ORC who played a large part on changing my outlook on things.

The motto or anthem of the site was “The is a crack, a crack in everything, it is what lets the light in”. It comes from Lenard Cohen’s song Anthem.

A couple of years back, by accident I stumbled upon another interesting site, it is a reddit know as the red pill. The red pill happens to be associated to some degree with the pickup artist community, but it actually is very similar to Fravia’s site. It combines how to get women with changing you ways at looking at things. Questioning the values of society.