When I was a youngster, I knew an older married couple named Charles and Edna. Everyone commented, “Isn’t it terrible how Charles verbally abuses Edna ? He bosses her around constantly”. Naively I pointed out “But Edna always gets what she wants”. “Your just a kid, what do you know ?” they replied. Instinctively I knew that Edna was the one controlling things, everyone else was wrong. How did Edna manipulate Charles to get what she wanted ? How did she fool everyone ?

When Edna wanted something, the conversation went like this.

Edna : Charles why don’t we buy some new curtains ?
Charles : Edna you stunned cunt, our curtains are perfectly fine.
Edna : Yes Charles, you are right, our curtains are perfectly fine.

Charles would then gloat. He had won the argument. A few minutes later Edna would continue the conversation.

Edna : We don’t need the new curtains, the old curtains are worn out but they will do.
Charles : You lazy cunt, you want our house to look messy ?
Edna : New curtains are expensive, we can’t afford them.
Charles : I have more then enough money to buy new curtains you stunned cunt.
Edna : No Charles, we will make do.
Charles : Go out an buy some new curtains right now you dimwit. I don’t want our house to look messy.
Edna : Yes Charles, you are right. I will go buy some new curtains right away.

When Edna wanted something, first she would drop the idea on Charles. Being a macho guy who was always right, he would then argue, calling her derogatory names. She would then let Charles win the argument appealing to his ego. She then would switch the argument around. Why Charles was right, and they shouldn’t get what she wanted. He then would argue why they should do what she wanted and again win this argument. End result, Edna got what she wanted.

I then observed, women would appear to be the victims while getting what they wanted. They instinctively targeted emotional weak points, they they knew how to exploit them. How where they able to do this ? How come no one seemed to notice this ?

The female brain - advantageous when it comes to communication

The first two books that showed how women manipulated where The Manipulated Man and the less known Anatomy of Female Power: A Masculinist Dissection of Matriarchy by the Nigerian Chinweizu Ibekwe. Chinweizu Ibekwe book is unique in that he quoted old African tribal proverbs which showed how women maintain power. This indicates that female manipulation existed long before feminism. The feminist counter argument was that female manipulation is the result of social constructs as opposed to biology. The solution to eliminating female manipulation is everyone should follow the feminist agenda. This is a brilliant re-frame by the feminists, social constructs are difficult to prove.

Until the 21st Century, little was known on how the human brain actually operated. Even less was know on the differences between female and male brains, besides male brains where 9% larger then female brains. This all changed with the invention of brain scans, finally scientists could observe the human brain in operation. Louann Brizendine, a scientist and neuropsychiatrist has studied the differences between the male and female brain. She outlines the differences in her book The Female Brain.

The female brain is designed to create and maintain social connections. In females compared to males, learn to vocalize earlier, they have a greater range of hearing, and they are better at seeing the difference in color. Since females learn how to talk before males, that means they have several years head start when it comes to speaking. They are able to express themselves better. The greater range in hearing means the woman is able to detect subtleties in speech which a man will miss. Ability to detect changes in color is useful to detect changes in skin color, that means a woman will be able to detect when a person is starting to get angry before a man does.

The female brain has tremendous unique aptitudes—outstanding verbal agility, the ability to connect deeply in friendship, a nearly psychic capacity to read faces and tone of voice for emotions and states of mind, and the ability to defuse conflict. All of this is hardwired into the brains of women. These are the talents women are born with that many men, frankly, are not. The Female Brain

All of these things give a woman a huge advantage over men when it comes to verbal communication. A woman with her greater perceptions can detect how another person is reacting to her and make corrections.

Female Brain - Social connections are more important then truth

A woman doesn’t need to read Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People her brain is already wired instinctively that way. Edna didn’t argue with Charles instead she instinctively followed this advice.

Why prove to a man he is wrong? Is that going to make him like you? Why not let him save face? He didn’t ask for your opinion. He didn’t want it. Why argue with him? You can’t win an argument, because if you lose, you lose it; and if you win it, you lose it. Why? You will feel fine. But what about him? You have made him feel inferior, you hurt his pride, insult his intelligence, his judgment, and his self-respect, and he’ll resent your triumph. That will make him strike back, but it will never make him want to change his mind. A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still. How to Win Friends and Influence People

Female brains are desire to maintain social harmony or avoid open conflict. What Dale Carnegie describes is similar to how young girl’s play.

Girls, in fact, typically use language to get consensus, influencing others without telling them directly what to do. When Leila hit the playground, she said “Shopping” as a suggestion for how she and her companions might play together. She looked around and waited for a response instead of forging ahead. The same thing happened when another little girl said “Dolly.” As has been observed in studies, girls participate jointly in decision making, with minimal stress, conflict, or displays of status. They often express agreement with a partner’s suggestions. And when they have ideas of their own, they’ll put them in the form of questions, such as “I’ll be the teacher, okay?” Their genes and hormones have created a reality in their brains that tells them social connection is at the core of their being. The Female Brain

Maintaining social connections is more important for women then the truth. Biology makes women more deceptive then men.

Female inability is a pretense.

Originally it was believed that men where smarter then women since male brains where 9% larger. The amount of neurons in female and male brains is approximately the same. Male brains, parts like the hypothalamus are 2.2 times as larger as in females. These parts in male brains increases their aggressiveness and competitiveness. By contrast social centers of the brain are much larger in women.

STEM jobs require working in solitude which males does not bother males. By contrast female like to work in jobs which are more interactive and social.

My friend the scientist Cori Bargmann told me that many of her smartest girlfriends dropped science to go into fields that they felt were more social. These are value decisions that are actually shaped by hormonal effects on the female brain compelling connection and communication. The fact that fewer women end up in science has nothing to do with female brain deficiencies in math and science. That’s where Summers really went wrong. He was right that there’s a dearth of women in top-level science and engineering positions but dead wrong in implying that women do not end up in these careers because of lack of aptitude. The Female Brain

From my experience teaching math and science, when forced women are perfectly capable of doing these things. But why bother doing something which is difficult, when you can manipulate a man into doing it for you. Women that asked me to help them with a math problem exactly wanted me to do it for them. They first would play dumb, flirt with me, make up some story how they could not do the math problem etc. I will tell them directly I will teach them how to solve the problem but I will not do the work for them. Magically their math skills improved and they could solve the problem.

Men underestimate women’s brilliance

Chinweizu Ibekwe’s book Anatomy of Female Power: A Masculinist Dissection of Matriarchy differed from The Manipulated Man book in that it was written from a male perspective. Mr Ibekwe grew up in Nigeria, he was a graduate of MIT, traveled around the world before he returned to his native Nigeria. Regardless of where he was, he observed that women exerted control over men by proxy. A master influencer or manipulator creates the illusion that its targets are making their own decisions.

Successful manipulation or influencing depends on re-framing, aligning your argument with the target’s belief system. Women instinctively know how to do this. When women would attempt to manipulate me into doing their math homework they would quickly throw out a series of frames and see which one I would react to. These ranged from I am just a stupid girl, flirting to flattery. Once the woman sensed frame is appealing to my emotions, she would then start to refine it.

The women are children myth

Manosphere groups like the red pill, men going their own way (MGTOW) and men’s rights activists (MRA) allege that women have the mental capacity of children, they do not accept responsibility and shift blame. Using this reasoning, most successful politicians have the mental capacity of children. An example of this is a married woman chooses to have an affair. The majority of women will back her up, shift the blame to her husband. The adulterous woman was justified in having an affair because her husband failed to fulfill her emotional needs. The other women will back her up and provide justifications why then adulterous woman was in the right.

MGTOW and the red pill will call this shifting blame behavior hamstering, a metaphor for a hamster running around in a wheel. They fail to realize the woman has achieved two objectives. The first is she has re-framed or turned the accusation around. Instead of her defending herself the man is required to defend himself. The other important objective, is the woman by running the re-framed argument around in circles distracts from the real issue, that she is actually the person in the wrong. While the man is attempting to defend himself unintentionally he will give the woman more points which she can use against him. This further distracts from the real issues eventually the woman wears the man down and wins the argument.

The women are children myth actually benefits women. First it appeals to the male ego, secondly it causes the man to underestimate the woman’s ability. A good military strategist always wants his enemy to underestimate his abilities. That way when he strikes it takes his opponent by surprise.

Admire,respect and learn from women

General Erwin Rommel is viewed as one of the greatest generals from the previous century. Paradoxically despite fighting for an evil regime he was admired by both his own soldiers and even the soldiers who fought against him. What was the key to Rommel’s success and why was he admired by all ?

Small minded men boost their egos by disrespecting his enemies, which causes him to underestimate their abilities. Prior to WW2, the Americans mocked the Japanese, they portrayed them as short, with poor eyesight and limited abilities. Early successes by the Japanese then caused the Americans to overestimate the Japanese soldiers abilities. they then became super soldiers who would sacrifice all to defend the Emperor and their homeland. Both views are dangerous and incorrect.

By contrast Rommel did not allow his emotions to impair his judgment. In the North African campaign he fought against an alliance of soldier which consisted Americans and all members of the British empire. Due to racist attitudes colonial troops like Canadians, Australians and Indians where view as unprofessional by their own commanders, that meant they where underutilized. Rommel by contrast examined Canadian, Australian, Indian and other allied troops and wrote praises about them. Since he respected their abilities he was able to fight against them more effectively and achieve a legendary status that paralleled Julius Caesar.

Why there will always be a gender war

A gender war exists between men and women. The objectives that men want to achieve differ from women. Men want to have sex with as many women as possible while avoiding the avoiding the consequences. Women on the other hand want to have sex with men who have the best genetic material and acquire resources to support the resulting offspring. From a woman’s perspective, how she obtains these resources is irrelevant. The traditional method was cuckolding, telling the man a child was his when it wasn’t. With the advent of modern feminism, the woman uses governments to pass laws which favor her when it comes to divorce and custody.

It is getting harder for women to hide their true nature.

Women in the past where able to hide things like their ability to commit brutal crimes due to their ability to manipulate and deceive. Until the development of forensic medicine it falsely believed that women where incapable of murder. The 1890s revealed that hundreds of women had poisoned their husbands and often their children to profit. Technology like hidden cameras show the elaborate steps that women will take to entrap their husbands or fake rapes.

Since social connections are more important to women then men, that means inherently women will side with other women. There then work as a group to gaslight a victim, which is manipulating someone by psychological means to question their sanity. The Internet is making this more difficult for women. Men can now contact other men anonymously on the Internet. Men then find out they had similar experiences. Women’s groups are attempting to censor male groups but due to the nature of the Internet it is extremely difficult.

False expectations cause anger.

Anger is the conflict between false expectations and reality. Expectations are beliefs, some beliefs can match reality more accurately then others. Many men are angry towards women because they have false expectations. Remove these false expectations, and the anger will disappear.

Instead of being angry with women, learn from them. Examine how feminist groups for example frame their arguments or distract from the real issues. Then implement them in your own strategies.

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