A common theme is “Once upon a time in a long ago magical kingdom” story. This is a common theme that existed for thousands of years, one of the earliest examples is the “Garden of Eden story”. Mankind lived in paradise and then due to a cruel twist of fate we where cast out of this paradise, and now we are attempting to get back into this paradise. The Garden of Eden type story is dangerous, because it being used to market a bluepill religion. The underlying message of the story is that if you join this particular religion, you will return to this paradise.

The ideas of this post came from a series of discussions with neoreactionsafe and a post made by burritohunter. In burritohunter’s post he pointed analysed the methods used Walt Disney when he setup disneyland. But he started his message with Not many on TRP seem very knowledgeable of the historical shift that allowed the Blue Pill narrative to become a mainstream phenomenon which is a variant of the once upon a time message. I then pointed out that Disneyland in 2016 operated the same way as the Vatican operated in 1416. But we both missed the obvious.

Today we can find like minded people to talk about how Disneyland works.

The mere fact that burritohunter and I are talking about it shows how the bluepill indoctrination methods are actually losing power. But they want you to think they actually have more power then before and we are falling into thier trap. To prove that I am right, we can do a thought experiment. A thought experiment is when you setup scenarios and then analyse them. One of the things the bluepill wants is people to stop thinking, so by giving them more power then they have, we are actually giving them power. Instead of comparing 2016 Disneyland with 1416 Vatican we will compare 2016 China with 1966 China. The scenarios I will setup do not need to be 100% accurate to learn from.

Mr Wong in 1966, location Bejing China

Except for minor details, Mr Wong’s life would be quite similar to a peasant’s life in Europe hundreds of years earlier. Mr Wong is 18 years of age, for his entire life he has lived under the communist regime. The only people who are allowed to use telphones are trusted communist members. Everyday Mr Wong is told that things are getting better, infact they are even better then in imperialist capitalistic countries like the United States. Something doesn’t quite seem right to Mr Wong, he vaguely remembers when he was 14 he didn’t quite feel as hungry. He then asks around, the teachers and local party officals tell Mr Wong. You are mistaken, you where younger then, sometimes you forget things. If he starts to ask more questions, they tell him that he is mentally ill. Since he has no way to access outside information it is extremely easy to gaslight him.

Mr Wong Jr, location Bejing China

This is Mr Wong’s kid, Mr Wong Jr. China wants to catch up with the western world, to do this they have to allow free enterprise. Mr Wong Jr is an enterprising young man, he sets up a small workshop manufacturing cheap widgets which he then sells on Alibaba most of his customers are in foreign countries like USA and Europe. Wong Junior has noticed that the pollution problem in Beijing seems to be getting worse, he has problems breathing some days. When he asks around the communist party offical tells him Wong Junior you are mistaken there is actually less pollution.

Wong Junior to sell his widgets needs have a cellphone and a computer which he can access the internet with. The communist party has to allow him to have these things, otherwise he will not be able to sell widgets. If he can’t sell widgets then the Chinese communist party will not be able to get money for China to progress.

On a regular basis, American and European customers will call up Wong Junior to ask him about his widgets. Joe Junior rings up Wong Junior, Joe says “Hello could you please describe to me widget X”, Wong Junior replies “Widget X is one of our top of the line widgets it has all of the latest widget features”. Joe then asks “Where is your widget workshop located ?”. “Bejing Sir” replies Wong. Joe then says “Beautiful city I saw a documentary on Nat Geo, I would like to visit it. But I have severe asthma, would I have problems with the pollution ?”. Wong Jr was told by the Communist Party offical he should not talk about pollution since the problem is getting better. So he vaguely replies back to Joe “They tell me it is getting better”.

How the Chinese communist party painted itself into a corner

What just happened in the above scenario. Wong Junior suspected that there is a pollution problem, but he had no way to confirm his suspicions. From an outside source Wong Junior now has information saying that possibly there might be a pollution problem.

The Chinese Communist party has painted itself in a corner because even if they had the power to censor all telephone calls and internet messages, they can’t. If they did, Wong Junior would be unable to sell his widgets. With complete censorship 25% of the conversation would be missing, it would be impossible for him to sell.

A government has to maintain some semblence of credibility. If they don’t do this, the people will lose all trust in them. Multiply the above conversation between Wong Junior and Joe one million times. To maintain credibility, the Chinese Communist party has been forced to admit that there is a pollution problem in Beijing and they are now taking steps to clean it up. The Chinese government was even forced to admit that forced labour camps existed and allegedly they have shut them down. This could have been a result of a conversation where Wong Junior was asked by one of his potential customers does his workshop use forced labour.

The magical kingdom myth killed Darkenlightenment

Darkenlightenment has a lot of similar ideas to The Red Pill, but they differ in one important factor. They believe the myth about the magical kingdom that existed a long time ago, and they want to return to this kingdom. This then leads to them doing also sorts of rationalization (fancy word for justification or hamstering) which results in out and out lies. There will be a post on attempting to justify the Spanish Inquisition, which ever way you put it, driving out the smartest segment of you population in this case Jews is a really stupid thing to do. They will then claim, not that many Jews left, well where did the 250,000 Jews come from in Holland and Britain ?

Instead of working on self improvement and seeking the truth, they are too busy attempting to rationalize. This is caused because they are attempting to return to the Garden of Eden which unfortunately never existed.

All the red pill has to do is exist. Attraction versus promotion.

The red pill differs in one important factor, it does not per say have an ideology. All it is concerned about is the truth and how this truth can be effectively used. In other groups when what is the truth is being debated, the person who is losing the argument will always resort to morality. Since the red pill has decided that morality should not play a factor in determining the truth, this major problem has been eliminated.

As a result the system is self correcting, despite growing in size unlike other groups the bluepill has not taken over. This is because ideology and morality (which is a form of ideology) become the basis of the debate for the person losing the arugment. This is human nature, the red pill avoids this.

I then said all the red pill has to do is exist. Basically we end up with a larger version of what I described earlier. People who come to the redpill are seeing that the bluepill methods are not working. This is a form of attraction versus promotion. Per say the redpill does not have to do anything besides exist.

The system is self correcting because “truths” are debated instead of “ideology”. The measure of what is “true” is how effective it is for solving that particular problem.

The red pill can not have a leader

This is another important factor that we often discount. And it is one of TRP’s greatest strengths. Most groups run on an ideology, an ideology requires a leader. This is the weak point of other groups. If someone attempts to take over the redpill, they need an ideology. All ideologies are inherently at some level false. As a result the group will splinter, the truth seekers will form another group and the orignal group will turn into a bluepill group.

Humans differ from other animals in that we are able to change our environment with something called technology. Technology is always chaotic, because it is impossible to predict how it will be used. Just examine the history of the steam engine. Originally its inventor envisioned it as something used to pump water out of coal mines.

What has changed in the last 25 years is the ease of mass communication. In the past the elites controlled communication, in the roman empire a message could sent to Rome from any point of the empire in less then 6 days. But the only ones who could use this system where the elites. Today it is impossible to control communication like the past for the reasons I have specified and the elites now have to resort to psychological cames and myths. By believing a mythical land existed a long time ago, you are actually falling into their trap.