Galileo’s crime was publicly stating what most scientists knew at the time, that the planets revolve around the sun. Satoshi Kanazawa’s crime is publicly stating what every scientist knows, that there is a biological difference between male and female brains and it influences how each gender makes decisions. Galileo during his lifetime was forced into obscurity. Right now as we speak, Satoshi Kanazawa has been forced into obscurity, and all of his articles from the popular website Psychology Today and other popular scientific sites. Will future generations view the persecution of Satoshi Kanazawa as we view the persecution of Galileo ? Will they ask what type of closed minded ignorant society did we live in ?

There are countless scientific studies which show that there are biological differences between male and female brains which affect the way men and women make decisions. The politically correct wants us to believe that the differences are caused by environment, when in fact the biological difference between the genders plays a large part. This is proven by studies done on newborn babies.

They videotaped the babies to measure which object they paid more attention to. Their analysis showed that more boys preferred to look at the mechanical mobiles, and boys on average gazed at them longer. In contrast, more girls preferred to look at the human face, and girls on average gazed at it longer. Everybody knows that boys and men tend to have greater interest in machines and other mechanical objects, and girls and women tend to be more social and express greater interest in relationships with others. If these sex differences are mostly the outcome of lifelong gender socialization, as the Standard Social Science Model claims, how can newborn babies who are just twenty-four hours old exhibit the same sex difference? source Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters: From Dating, Shopping, and Praying to Going to War and Becoming a Billionaire– Two Evolutionary Psychologists Explain Why We Do What WeDo

Like Galileo, Satoshi Kanazawa’s crime was bringing knowledge to the general public

The idea that the planets revolve around the sun existed long before Galileo spoke about it. Over seven decades before Galileo, Copernicus published a book on how to calculate the position of the planets using the idea that they revolve around the sun. Copies of this book where widely circulated among European Astronomers and most of them shared the same beliefs as Galileo. The question then arises how come Copernicus wasn’t charged with heresy ? How come Galileo and Satoshi Kanazawa have been convicted of heresy ?

Galileo and Satoshi Kanazawa differed from most scientists in that they both attempted to educate the general public. Galileo is famous for publicly demonstrating from the top of the Tower of Pisa that large objects fall at the same speed as small objects. With his theory that the planets revolve around the sun, he brought this knowledge to the general public which was a direct attack on the Church’s authority.

Satoshi Kanazawa published a book called Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters: From Dating, Shopping, and Praying to Going to War and Becoming a Billionaire– Two Evolutionary Psychologists Explain Why We Do What WeDo which explains social evolution using language the average person can understand. He also showed that there is a difference on how each gender makes decisions and backed it up with multiple scientific studies. This was a direct attack on the politically correct policies implemented by most governments.

What exactly is social evolution ?

Social evolution uses the same concepts as Darwin’s evolution to explain how the human brain and other animal’s brains have evolved and how this effects their decision making process. The terms social evolution and evolutionary psychology are sometimes used interchangeably. Generally speaking social evolution talks about decision making that deals with the group and evolutionary psychology deals with the individual. But there is considerable overlap.

Most animal brains have the concept of pleasure and pain, doing things which are beneficial for the animal the brain has evolved to reward the animal with a pleasure sensation, things which are bad for the animal cause pain or revulsion.

An example of evolutionary psychology Humans and most primates naturally crave sweet foods, until recently sweet foods where extremely rare, so animals which had a greater desire for sweet things would be more likely to survive. In some cases the desire can out weight the pain caused by getting these sweet foods. But bears and primitive humans will risk injury and possible death from bee stings to get the honey out of a beehive. Today when sugar is cheaper then meat, this evolved desire is actually detrimental to our health.

In the book the selfish gene, the author showed that all living beings have evolved to make decisions which benefit them. You are going to say, humans are different, what about generosity and altruism ? How could giving away resources benefit the person ?

A simplified social evolutionary explanation for generosity signifies a surplus of resources, giving away things would raise one’s social status. Therefore humans that gave away surplus would have felt pleasure since it is beneficial. This explains why an anonymous donor feels pleasure.

Social evolution and gender

The majority of animals on this planet have some sort of concept of gender, what we call male and female. The politically correction notion that when it comes to the human brain, the differences between male and female thinking can be largely accounted for by the environment or social constructs. Satoshi Kanazawa blows this argument out of the water.

We can see that Human males are generally speaking larger then human females. As Satoshi Kanazawa states it is illogical to assume that human evolution stopped from then neck up. The human brain is an organ just like the heart or kidneys, and it faced the same evolutionary pressures as other human organs. I have already cited a study which shows that even in newborns there is a difference between the preferences of male and female infants.

Contrary to what you have been intentionally lead to believe there are countless studies which show that male and female brains evolved differently and gender is not a social construct

Two common fallacies about social evolution

Just like Galileo’s theory that the planets revolved around the sun and Darwin’s theory of evolution there initially was considerable opposition by majority of society. This opposition can be explained by social evolution, it is beneficial for humans to think they are special or unique this is closely linked to the idea of ego. An animal which has a concept of ego and is interested in one’s self will have a greater chance of survival.

There are two fallacies about social evolution, both which are dangerous because it hinders adoption of the theory.

The naturalist fallacy which is used by the conservatives

Conservatives want to maintain the status quo, the danger is they will use theories like social evolution to justify their agenda. In the past women where limited to certain roles in society because they lacked the same physical strength as men. This mean that most women could not do things like become carpenters, metal workers etc.

The naturalist argument will be that it is unnatural for women to become carpenters, metal workers or drive cars. Therefore we should return to the era when we have laws forbidding women becoming carpenters, metal worker and driving cars. This then is partially responsible for the fallacy put forth by the liberals or progressives as they now like to be called.

The moralistic fallacy which is used by the progressives

The fallacy used by the liberals or progressives as they like to be called is that it is unfair for example that more men are neurosurgeons as opposed to women. They then use the argument that it is caused by a patriarchal society and social constructs. Society should then attempt to remove these alleged social constructs and balance this.

Part of this fear is caused by the Conservatives, in the past Hitler and Stalin for example used pseudo science to justify their agendas.

Equal opportunity does not mean equality

Both the progressives and conservatives fail to realize that a society which offers equal opportunity for all of its citizens will become a better society. Equal opportunity does not mean equality.

That the majority of basketball players appear to be black does not mean basketball is a racist game. Players all have the same opportunity to try out of the the team, ethnic groups which are generally taller will have a greater chance of becoming part of the team.

According to the progressive logic, Asians who want to play basketball should be given growth hormones, or maybe ethnic groups which are taller should have part of their legs removed to make them shorter.

And according to conservative logic Asians should not be allowed to try out for the team.

What exactly was Satoshi Kanazawa’s crime ?

Satoshi Kanazawa wanted to educate the average person on social evolution and in particular how the male and female brain has evolved differently to fit different evolutionary needs. He then described in plain language the theory of social evolution and how it effects our decision making process. He then published a book called and a series of blog posts on Psychology Today. The blog posts answered such questions as:

  • Why Do Men Like Blonde Bombshells (and Why Do Women Want to Look Like Them)?
  • Why Are Most Neurosurgeons Male and Most Kindergarten Teachers Female?
  • Why Do Men So Often Earn More Money and Attain Higher Status Than Women?
  • Why Does the Baby Have Daddy’s Eyes but Not Mommy’s?
  • Why Are There Virtually No Polyandrous Societies?

Initially his blog posts where quite well received among the intellectual community. But it was his posts about how polygyny, or the marriage of multiple women to one man,benefits women more then men. Feminist groups got ahold of this and then started to attack Kanazawa stating that he is justifying the patriarchal exploitation of women. As a consequence of this all of his blog posts where pulled from the website psychology today and other psychology websites. They did not attack his ideas using intellectual debate, instead they just called him patriarchal and misogynist.

What exactly was Kanazawa’s reasoning for this claim that polygyny benefits women more then men ? Why Are There Virtually No Polyandrous Societies? To answer these questions we need to answer, what is the purpose of marriage ? And what is the difference between polygyny and polyandry ?

What is the purpose of marriage ?

Marriage is not unique to the human animal, animals which whose young require a long period of time before they can they can fend for themselves will engage in marriage. The purpose of marriage is to provide resources and protection for the offspring till they are able to fend for themselves. Animals whose young are able to acquire their own resources do not engage in marriage.

What is the difference between polygyny and polyandry ?

Polygny means that multiple women marry a single man versus polyandry means multiple men marry a single woman. Almost all primates engage in polygny, and all primitive human cultures engage in polygny.

A comprehensive survey of traditional societies in the world shows that 83.39 percent of them practice polygyny, 16.14 percent practice monogamy, and 0.47 percent practice polyandry.2 Almost all of the few polyandrous societies practice what anthropologists call fraternal polyandry, where a group of brothers share a wife. Non-fraternal polyandry, where a group of unrelated men share a wife, is virtually non existent in human society. source Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters: From Dating, Shopping, and Praying to Going to War and Becoming a Billionaire– Two Evolutionary Psychologists Explain Why We Do What WeDo

No human societies have ever practiced true polyandry, this then begs the question why ?

Why Are There Virtually No Polyandrous Societies?

The purpose of marriage is to pool resources among a group of people to successfully raise offspring. Humans which adopted successful marriage strategies would be more likely to pass on their genes, which would ensure these traits would continue. Humans who did not adopt these traits would soon genetically die out.

The only Polyandrous societies are ones where two brothers for example share one wife, this mainly occurs in regions like Tibet where there is an extreme shortage of food and other resources. That means it would take two men to successfully gather enough resources to raise one infant. Why is polyandry in this case a good strategy ? Brothers have 50% common genes that means for every child produced even if it was not his would still have 25% of his genes.

Polyandry in most other cases is evolutionary suicide. The man would be wasting resources on offspring which are not his. That means the evolutionarily speaking he would be committing suicide.

Advantages of a polygnist marriage

As we stated earlier, polygny is multiple women married to a single man. From an economic perspective a polygnist marriage offers a tremendous advantage for women especially in poorer regions of the world. Regardless of religion, regions in the modern world which have extreme economic disparity are more likely to practice polygny.

A simple example is this, if there is one man who earns $10 million dollars a year, versus a man who earns $10,000 per a year. A woman from a child rearing perspective is better off to share the man who earns $10 million a year with 9 other women as opposed to settling for a man who earns $10,000 a year. In a society without safety nets and free education her children will have $1 million per a year to be used for education, food and housing. That means her children will have a greater chance of survival.

Women are most likely predisposed to the idea of polygany.

the greater fitness variance among men, rather than gender socialization, is the reason why men are much more aggressive, competitive, and violent than women. Men gain far more by competing with each other for access to mates, whereas the benefit of competition for women in reproductive terms is far less. If men compete successfully and gain reproductive access to a large number of women, they can potentially have hundreds, if not thousands, of children. source Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters: From Dating, Shopping, and Praying to Going to War and Becoming a Billionaire– Two Evolutionary Psychologists Explain Why We Do What WeDo

Women inherently have less incentive to compete and more incentive to work cooperatively. A woman who agrees to work with several other women to share one man would benefit from an evolutionary perspective.

DNA analysis now agrees with Kanazawa. 80% of women reproduced while only 20% of men. As he stated

Men’s greater fitness variance means two things. First, looking at the bottom of the distribution, far more men remain childless than women, whereas relatively fewer women remain childless for life. So one consequence of greater fitness variance among men is that the fitness floor (the worst one can possibly do) is much lower for men than for women. The worst on average is much worse for men than for women. source Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters: From Dating, Shopping, and Praying to Going to War and Becoming a Billionaire– Two Evolutionary Psychologists Explain Why We Do What WeDo

This also explain why men are much larger then women. Has this affected us on an neurological level. Research seems to indicate this. Men are more likely to get angry over actual sexual infidelity, versus women get angry over emotional commitment to another woman. The main reason is the subconscious fear of losing the economic commitment required to raise children. Even if the woman earns more then the man in the marriage, this subconscious fear will be hardwired into her.

This also explains when push comes to shove women are more practical and choose compromise over principals. A woman does not stand to gain by adhering to strict principals while a man generally speaking does.

Disadvantages of polygamy

As I mentioned in my other post,the decline of violence societies with large amounts of single men who do not have access to women are extremely violent and dangerous. What ever caused this imbalance is irrelevant, in China where there is a preference for male children which causes an imbalance. The violence and death caused during the Chinese cultural revolution under Mao was mainly done my young single men who where unable to find mates.

Simply put, polygamous societies are extremely violent ones. This is one of the major causes of violence in primitive tribes.

Hardwired does not mean hardheaded

Very few traits are decided strictly by genetics, this is because in most cases it is a combination of genes coupled with environmental factors which cause a certain trait. A good example is diabetes, certain groups of people have genes which make them more prone to diabetes. But the actual cause of diabetes is an unhealthy diet which contains too much sugar.

Recall that evolved psychological mechanisms mostly operate behind and beneath conscious thinking. We do not consciously choose or decide to like sweets and fats. We like them but we do not know why; sweet and fatty foods just taste good to us. Similarly, we do not consciously choose or decide to feel jealous. We feel jealous under some circumstances, in response to certain predictable triggers, but we do not always know why. source Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters: From Dating, Shopping, and Praying to Going to War and Becoming a Billionaire– Two Evolutionary Psychologists Explain Why We Do What WeDo

We also can override our subconscious impulses. As I showed in my previous post, feminism played a large role in civilizing the naturally violent male.

Feminists fear with what the church feared with Galileo

The main argument by the Church against Galileo was that his teachings would cause society to break down and chaos would result. This is a similar argument used by feminists, it will justify certain types of actions. Knowledge has always benefited the human race, and learning why we have impulses to act in certain ways does not justify doing this.

Equal opportunity as opposed to equality

All economists agree that a society which offers equal opportunity to all of its citizens benefits us all. The problem is equal opportunity does not mean equality, the reason for this is two fold. The first reason is the is a variance among people’s skills and desires which is determined to a large degree by gender.

Lazslo Polgar decided to do an experiment which started with this premise.

The experiment began in 1970 “with a simple premise: that any child has the innate capacity to become a genius in any chosen field, as long as education starts before their third birthday and they begin to specialize at six.

He then at a very early age started to teach his three daughters how to play chess. Two of the three daughters became the best female chess players in the world and the third also was an excellent player.

His daughters deny that he engaged in any form of abuse or pressure to play chess. But this brings many questions, what if his daughters where naturally driven to a field like nursing for example ? Is it a form of child abuse to force someone to become talented at something which they do not have an interest in ? So the key is every child or person should be offered equal opportunity, which does not mean equality.

Kanazawa’s work is extremely important for anyone who is interested in true gender equality and how the human mind works. Galileo was vindicated by the spreading of scientific thought and by destroying the Church’s fallacies. This then resulted in greater prosperity for all. One needs his work to be able to destroy the fallacies being spread by radical feminists which are destroying our society which is based on equal opportunity.